Eagles Ron, Rita Successfully Hatch Third Egg in Miami-Dade

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A pair of bald eagles have successfully hatched another egg in Miami-Dade, just days after hatching two at the beginning of the new year.

"As if following the script of a movie, their first egg hatched on New Year’s Day and this third egg has hatched on Three Kings Day!!!" Zoo Miami's Ron Magill said in a statement Thursday.

This third chick is "much weaker than its siblings," Magill said, but he hopes it will overcome the challenges ahead and will survive.

"Hopefully, these three chicks will indeed grow to be royalty," Magill said.

Last year, the same pair of bald eagles — named after Magill and his wife Rita — built a nest and laid three eggs atop an artificial platform constructed in Miami-Dade.

Magill and his wife have been keeping a close eye on the nest via live steam, waiting for the eggs to hatch. The first egg hatched on New Year's Day, and the second hatched the day after.

A pair of bald eagles named Ron and Rita hatched two baby eaglets in Miami-Dade over the weekend. NBC 6's Julie Leonardi reports
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