Miami-Dade Dec 1

Therapy Dogs and Petting Zoo Help Students De-Stress Ahead of Finals

St. Thomas University has employed the help of animals to aid stressed students as finals are set begin. NBC 6’s Claudia DoCampo has the story.

  • Miami-Dade Aug 21

    Zoo Miami Releases Bald Eagle After Fractured Wing

  • all about animals Aug 15

    Preparing Pets for Hurricane Season

    While the Atlantic hurricane season may have gotten off to a quiet start, the formation of Fred serves as a reminder that the peak of storm season has begun. Regardless of where Fred ultimately goes, now is a good time to work out a hurricane plan – and that means planning for pets as well. Here are some things to...

  • animals Jul 30

    Protect Your Pet in the Summer Months

    There are two common problems during the summer months for many pets and their owners, according to veterinarians. Hot pavement and heat stroke. Dr. Jennifer Frione from Lakeside Animal Hospital has some suggestions to keep your pets safe this summer. “The summer heat can be a lot for our pets and one of the things that we see most frequently...
  • all about animals Jul 18

    Biscayne Bay Is a Baby Shark Nursery for Hammerheads

    It’s long been known that the waters off Miami are a shark hotspot but scientists have just discovered they’re also critical habitat for one endangered and iconic species — the great hammerhead shark. A new study found that a small section of Biscayne Bay appears to be a previously unknown hammerhead “nursery,” the first of its kind identified on.....
  • Zoo Miami Jul 9

    Zoo Miami Tiger Gets Fertility Test

    Berani, a 13 year old Sumatran tiger at Zoo Miami, was immobilized so specialists could test his fertility Friday morning. Berani is the father of N’dari, Miami Zoo’s six-month old cub currently on display and another offspring in 2015. Previous exams indicated a very low sperm count and many of his previous attempts to reproduce have been unsucces...
  • all about animals Jul 4

    Pets And Fireworks – What You Need To Know To Keep Your Pets Safe

    Last year, stay-at-home orders caused many South Floridians to miss out on the usual Fourth of July festivities – including fireworks. For the many puppies and kittens who were added to our families during the worst of the crisis, this may be their first experience with fireworks. These experiences are often frightening, and sometimes traumat...
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