Protect Your Pet in the Summer Months

Tips for protecting your pets during the dog days of summer

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There are two common problems during the summer months for many pets and their owners, according to veterinarians. Hot pavement and heat stroke.

Dr. Jennifer Frione from Lakeside Animal Hospital has some suggestions to keep your pets safe this summer.

"The summer heat can be a lot for our pets and one of the things that we see most frequently is heat exhaustion or heat stroke, respiratory distress, excessive panting, hyper salivation, elevated heart rate and sometimes even collapse," Dr. Frione said.

So what can we do?

Try cooling your dog with cool damp towels and seek veterinary immediately.

Other tips include: walking your dog in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler, walking on grass, bringing water along for walks, using monthly mosquito prevention on dogs and cats and try to keep cats indoors if possible.

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