Vero Beach

Rehabilitated Sea Turtles Released to Ocean in Vero Beach

The turtles had been rescued and nursed back to health at Brevard Zoo in Melbourne

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Brevard Zoo's Sea Turtle Healing Center in Melbourne, Florida released two turtles to the ocean in Vero Beach Thursday after nursing them back to health.

Harley, a nearly adult loggerhead sea turtle, was admitted to the center on July 24th after being found stranded at Jetty Park at Port Canaveral. The turtle was anemic and had a heavy barnacle load upon intake.

Jope, a juvenile green sea turtle, was admitted on September 23rd after being rescued from Vero Beach with wounds on its shell.

Both the turtles were treated with nutritional support, fluids and medication, according to a press release from Brevard Zoo.

The pair were deemed ready for release and let go at Vero Beach Thursday afternoon.

All seven sea turtle species are threatened by human hunting, entanglement in fishing equipment, marine debris, shrinking beaches, pollution and climate change.

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