Alleged Facebook Murderer Derek Medina Called Boss to Confess to Crime, 911 Call Reveals

A chilling 911 call made by the boss of accused Facebook killer Derek Medina surfaced Friday as part of newly released evidence in the case.

“Somebody just called to report he just shot his girlfriend 16 times and he's on his way to the police department but I gotta give you his name and number right away,” the caller said.

The caller said Medina called into work at The Gables Club condominiums confessing to the crime. Medina, 31, allegedly killed his wife Jennifer Alfonso, 26, at their South Miami townhouse on Aug. 8 and then posted a photo of her body on Facebook.

“He just said that it was too many years of abuse and she started to hit him and I guess he snapped and shot her,” the caller said.

Medina faces charges of second-degree murder, shooting a deadly missile and child neglect without great bodily harm. He has pleaded not guilty to the murder and child neglect charges but hasn’t entered a plea for the shooting a deadly missile charge.

Medina is being held without bond, and his trial is expected to begin in November.

Authorities also released on Friday crime scene pictures and jailhouse surveillance video of the moment Medina was being placed in a cell. Police, who were at his home, asked the corrections officer a question which he relayed to Medina.

“Is there a child in the house?” the corrections officer asked. “Yes sir, 10 years old,” Medina replied.

That child was Medina’s stepdaughter, who was in the home when Alfonso was killed, according to Medina’s sworn statement to police that was released last week.

In the same jailhouse video Medina talks about his rocky relationship with his wife, claiming that she had been abusing him for years.

“We’ve been married, divorced and remarried,” he told the officer.

Medina told detectives he shot Alfonso in self-defense after she continually punched him and pulled a knife on him, according to the sworn statement.

A police search warrant said that Medina took the knife away from his wife and put it back into a kitchen drawer before the shooting.

But the victim's best friend, Daysi Fernandez, claimed that Medina was the aggressor. When a detective asked her how many times she saw Alfonso with injuries on her body, Fernandez responded, "About monthly I would see something; a scratch ..." according to the evidence released Friday.

The victim's ex-husband, Gabriel Viera, told police he told Medina, "She's gonna cheat on you like she cheated on me. And that's when he told me, the day she cheats on me or leaves me, I'll kill her."

Medina repeatedly shot Alfonso at point-blank range as she may have been kneeling and trying to shield her face, according to a medical examiner’s report.

Medina admitted to posting the photo of his wife’s body and an admission on his Facebook page before he surrendered to police, the warrant said.

He said he posted the photo to notify Alfonso’s family, the sworn statement said.

Before showing up at the police department with his father, Medina apparently stopped by his aunt's house. In a police interview released Friday, that aunt Valerie Medina told a detective, "He said I love you, I came to say bye, and I'm turning myself in because I just shot Jennifer."

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