Anti-Hate Rallies Take Place in South Florida

Dozens of South Florida residents held a candlelight vigil for Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer and gathered in song at Bayfront Park.

"I dont think it's fair that you have white supremacists that kinda rule and control situations and then you had a young woman who lost her life," said Bob Heimann.

Word quickly spread on social media about the Bayfront Park vigil and many brought signs expressing outrage over the white nationalist rally in Virginia that took place Saturday.

"Everyone had a right, but there's a fine line between right of what you believe in and when it's hatred and you're promoting swastikas. It's such a sensitive topic," said Virginia Mendez.

Earlier Sunday in Hollywood, a smaller group also condenmed the Charlottesville attack.

Several organizations hosted a "Light in the Dark" vigil at a park on Lee Street.

Many believe streets named after Confederate generals should be renamed.

"It's a time that we need to not honor people that did horrific things in our past," said Carolyn Siegelman.

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