AT&T Service Restored in South Florida

For the second time this summer, AT&T customers were cut off from their cell phones

For the second time this summer, South Florida AT&T customers weren't about to reach out and touch anyone because their service was down.

But now it's game on again.

AT&T said it has fixed the piece of equipment that knocked out wireless service to some customers Friday afternoon.

"Some AT&T wireless customers from mid-Broward County south to Key West may not be able to make mobile-to-mobile calls or receive calls to their mobile from a landline due to an equipment issue," spokeswoman Kelly Layne Starling said. "The equipment has been fixed. We sincerely apologize for the service interruption to our customers."

Not all customers are up and rubbing, but the majority have service, Starling said.

The outage impacted mobile broadband and 3G service only.

"I was in the middle of a call and the call dropped," said Juan Zuluaga. "Fortutnately, I was able to make a call to the person who has an AT&T phone."

In June, customers were without service for more than four hours on a Friday evening, which nearly brought about Armagedon in Miami. Not really, but people were freaking out that they couldn't check their Facebook status on their phones.

But that incident had Jamie Fenster prepared for any future technology glitch.

"It happened earlier this summer to a friend of mine and she told me that if you turn your 3G off, you can get service," she said. "I did that and got service."

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