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Bizarre Burglary: Man Breaks Into Miami-Dade Pizza Shop, Leaves Without Taking Anything

Rey's Pizza says two of their restaurants have been broken into just a few weeks apart.

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Surveillance cameras captured a burglar breaking into a southwest Miami-Dade pizza restaurant — but he left after a few minutes and didn't take anything.

The footage shows the man using a pickaxe to break the coffee window of Rey's Pizza off 137th Street at around 2 a.m. Monday.

Minutes later, the man strangely comes back with a ladder and climbs through the tiny, shattered window.

He's then seen looking through cabinets, stopping at the register, and wandering aimlessly throughout the restaurant.

Surprisingly, the man didn't take anything.

"The person looked around in several locations, he went through the kitchen too," said Pedro Ramos, the company's office clerk. "Surprisingly he didn't take anything from the kitchen either. No equipment, no money. Basically, nothing could be stolen."

According to the video's time stamp, he was inside the restaurant for only four minutes. He's seen stopping at the register one last time, then heading to search behind and on the counter before leaving. But the man crawls right back in when he realizes he forgot his pickaxe.

About three weeks before this break-in, a Rey's Pizza in Hialeah was broken into.

From the video, it appears to be a different person. This burglar broke through the back door of the restaurant using what appears to be a crowbar.

After searching briefly, the man leaves, only to come back an hour later with power tools to drill through an old, completely empty, and actually already open safe.

The burglars didn't take anything in either break-in. But Rey's Pizza said they have other impacts and they'll have to deal with the aftermath.

"In reality, it affects us very badly," said Ramos. "We have to increase security. We have to look at different ways to protect the restaurant, how to improve the systems that we have."

The restaurant said they filed police reports for both crimes. NBC 6 reached out to Hialeah Police and Miami-Dade Police for the reports and updates and is still waiting to hear back.

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