Dania Beach

2 People Injured After 2 Boats Catch Fire in Dania Beach

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Two people were rushed to the hospital Wednesday after two boats erupted in flames in Dania Beach.

Rescue crews were able to extinguish the fire, which broke out near 399 Lewis Lane just before 2 p.m. Video showed plumes of smoke emitting from both vessels as officials with Broward Sheriff's Fire Rescue responded to the scene.

Tony Pereira, who was working on a boat nearby, was astounded by the scene.

"I've seen fires before but this was unbelievable because it happened during the day and it just went up in no time," he said.

Bystanders said one of the boats was being reglazed when for some reason, there was an ignition which caught the boat on fire. It is unclear what caused the malfunction.

Both vessels are now completely destroyed, with one now under the water.

Officials said the two victims were working on the boat when the fire broke out. The fire started on one vessel, then spread to another.

One victim sustained significant burns to their legs, torso and back. The other victim suffered minor burns.

The U.S. Coast Guard is currently investigating any environmental impacts that may have occurred with the fuel that probably leaked from the vessels.

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