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Boca Daycare Worker Arrested for Breaking Child's Leg: Police

A former Boca Raton daycare employee is facing child abuse charges after police say she broke a child's leg.

According to an arrest report, 24-year-old Estefany Acosta is accussed of sitting on the child's leg when they were misbehaving.

The child's mother and father told police that the daycare originally informed them that their 3-year-old son sustained an injury from kicking a metal chair.

When the child was picked up, his parents took him to West Boca Medical Center where x-rays revealed the child had a fracture in its right leg.

Florida Department of Children and Families, along with police, spoke with the daycare's owner to investigate, according to the report.

Police say employees told the owner that Acosta was the only person in the room at the time.

According to the report, Acosta stuck with her original story when confronted by the daycare's owners. But, after being told the classroom was under video surveillance, her story started to change.

Video surveillance showed the 3-year-old child misbehaving and spitting on a carpet in the classroom when students were forced to end recess early due to rain.

The video revealed that Acosta was aggresively grabbing the child when telling him to wipe up the spit.

Eventually Acosta grabs paper towels and crouches over the child to clean the spit. While doing this, police say, she had one of her knees pinned on top of the child's leg.

After Acosta stands, the child is seen holding its leg.

Acosta was fired from the daycare and now faces one county of child abuse.

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