Borward Mother Missing After Leaving 4-Year-Old With Babysitter

Deputies are looking for a mother that left her four-year-old with a babysitter and never came back.

Deputies are searching for a Broward woman who left her four-year-old son with a neighbor to babysit, and never came back to pick him up.

The woman, who was unidentified, left the child with the neighbor on Monday and said she would return to pick the boy up after a day or two, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

When the child suffered a medical condition, the neighbor took him to the hospital and alerted deputies.

BSO spokesman Mike Jachles said the mother has nothing to fear from coming forward.

"We want to make sure that she's safe first and foremost," Jachles said. "She may be in the hospital, she may be sick. We want to get her back together with her son."

Officials did not immediately release additional details of the investigation.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Broward Sheriff's Office at (954) 797-5299.

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