Brazen Thieves Caught on Camera Burglarizing Miami Police Cruiser

Two men were caught on surveillance cameras boldly burglarizing a police officer's cruiser in front of his home in northwest Miami-Dade.

The wife of the City of Miami officer said the incident started around 5 a.m. Wednesday when she and her husband were woken up by gunshots.

"They were like speed rounds," she told NBC 6.

Their home is monitored by 11 high-resolution security cameras. The woman said she and her husband rushed over to look at the cameras and saw two men rummaging through the patrol car and making off with what the woman says was a flashlight.

The shots came when a neighbor came home and scared the men.

The woman says no one was hurt, but she was worried -- not only by what had happened, but how it had happened.

"It just shows how dangerous it could be, which scares me a little more because they don’t have any caution," she said. "They have no regard for their own identity."

Police are now looking for the two men, who dropped the flashlight. 

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