British Woman Given 6-Year Sentence in 2005 Pompano Beach DUI Crash That Killed Man

Richen Turner, 45, cried and apologized in court

Richen Turner cried and apologized in a Broward court Thursday before she was sentenced to six years behind bars for hitting and killing a man in a 2005 Pompano Beach DUI crash.

“I can't imagine what I've done to your family because I cannot see what I've done to mine,” the 45-year-old British woman told relatives of Peter Cambra, who was killed at age 39 in the accident.

Cambra’s son got emotional on the stand at the sentencing hearing in the DUI manslaughter case.

“You took away someone who was not only a father, but just everything,” Peter Cambra Jr. said. “He was a wonderful man.”

When Turner was arrested after running a red light at Atlantic Boulevard and Federal Highway on the night of Oct. 9, 2005, her blood-alcohol level was three times over the legal limit, according to authorities.

After the accident, Turner fled to her home in England before she was brought back to South Florida. The victim’s son referred to the family’s long wait at the sentencing Thursday.

“I don't believe that any family or anyone should be wondering for a decade where you are or what you're doing or why you didn't just come forward,” Cambra Jr. said.

While Turner was given a six-year sentence, she will be credited for the more than 500 days that she has already served in jail.

Cambra's family members returned to the scene of the crash to light candles late Thursday afternoon.

Now, more than eight years after Peter Cambra died, his loved ones can try to move on.

“My heart shatters to see that my brother has lost his life to a drunk driver,” Anne Marie Bernier said. “With all the energy he put in his own self to maintain a healthy balance in his life and healthy lifestyle in which he lived, the impact this tragedy has on my family is beyond any words I can say.”

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