Charges Dropped Against Ex-NFLer Accused of Armed Robbery, Victims' Attorney Charged With Extortion

The State Attorney's Office says they plan on dropping all charges against former New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker after the alleged victims and witnesses became uncooperative.

Broward County Sheriff's Office

Charges have been dropped against a former NFL player accused of committing an armed robbery in South Florida, after police say an attorney representing the victims attempted to extort money from the former player in exchange for altered testimonies.

In May, former New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar turned themselves in to Broward County police after arrest warrants were issued for the two men.

The athletes, who were from Miami, were accused of conducting an armed robbery at a cookout party in Miramar.

According to their arrest warrant, Baker, 22, and Dunbar, 27, were attending a cookout at a Miramar home when a fight broke out, and Baker pulled out a handgun.

Baker, Dunbar and two other men began robbing other people at the party of thousands of dollars in cash, watches and other valuables, witnesses told investigators.

Both men were each charged with four counts of armed robbery with a firearm. Baker faced an additional four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.

However, the Broward State Attorney's Office said Monday that they plan on dropping all charges against Baker since the alleged victims and witnesses became uncooperative.

Instead, the court says 50-year-old William Dean, who represented the three alleged victims, has been arrested and now faces extortion charges.

According to an arrest warrant, Dean allegedly tried to extort Baker by asking him to pay each of his clients $266,000. In exchange, the victims, Dean's clients, would stop cooperating with prosecutors, or change their initial sworn statements to police, the warrant said.

Police said evidence revealed that Dean told Baker's attorney that his clients would do "anything you want, so long as the money is right."

According to the State Attorney's Office, all three victims recanted their initial testimony, saying they did not get a clear look at the incident, adding that Baker was present but was not involved in any criminal activity.

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