Broward Commissioner Facing Public Corruption Indictment

Powerful politician may have been in bed with developer

A federal grand jury has convened and an indictment may loom for Broward County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion Jr. on public corruption charges, the South Florida Times has learned.

The grand jury has already heard testimony in the case, which comes after nearly two years of separate investigations conducted by state, local and federal agencies, according to several sources who wish to remain anonymous.

Eggelletion, 60, is a former state rep who has been a political force in Broward for nearly two decades.

The feds are looking into Eggelletion’s dealing with developer Prestige Homes of South Florida, Inc., which has been vying for – and winning - multi-million dollar county contracts since 2006.

And each time they have gone before the commission, Eggelletion, then the mayor of Broward, has been in the construction company’s corner and voted.

In return, Eggelletion may have received kickbacks in the form of gifts such as the nearly $8,000 in cash given to the Parkland Golf & Country Club in 2007 for Eggelletion’s one-year membership dues there, which the South Florida Times reported last year.

As details about the case come to light, county hall is awash in rumors that the commissioner’s resignation is imminent, though no resignation letter has surfaced.

Eggelletion’s attorney would not comment on the matter. Eggelletion told the Sun-Sentinel on Tuesday that he doesn't plan on leaving his post.

“Absolutely not. For what reason would I resign?” Eggelletion told the Sentinel and described the rumors about a resignation as “awfully low and awfully irresponsible.”

Prestige Homes is the developer of numerous projects, including two residential projects in Tamarac on the former Monterey and Sabal Palm golf courses. The projects were built on 176 acres of the two courses, which are on the grounds of the Mainlands condominiums.

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