Broward County Rescue Vehicle Collides With ATV in Lauderhill

A man on an ATV was hospitalized after a collision with a Broward County Sheriff Fire Rescue truck in Lauderhill Wednesday morning.

The collision happened near the intersection of Northwest 26th Street and 42nd Avenue just after 11 a.m. Chopper 6 captured video of the four-wheel ATV pinned under the fire rescue vehicle.

Officials told NBC 6 on the scene that the driver of the ATV was rushed to the hospital with what was described as "serious" injuries.

Family members identified the ATV rider as 31-year-old Jerron Pratt. They said he was in surgery Wednesday afternoon for internal injuries he suffered in the collision.

"He was moving, they say he has brain injury, when that happened I seen his leg was broken, he was scraped up a lot and lumps on his head," brother Jorrico Pratt said.

The three firefighters/paramedics who were in the truck were responding to a call of a child with a medical issue in the area. None of them were injured.

A witness said the truck had its lights and sirens on and was slowing down to go through the intersection when the crash happened.

"If you hear the sirens and the ambulance they were going 'whoop whoop,' so they was coming down this way and he was already making a left at the stop sign so I guess they were going somewhere and came through and hit him," witness Brian McQueen said.

Officials said the ATV isn't street legal. Pratt's brother agreed but said his brother never drove erratically and called the fire truck into question.

"Even if you're going to an emergency call, this is a rural area, you have kids walking by here all the time, what if they have headphones and don't hear it and you hit them, what are you going to say? Sorry?" Jorrico Pratt said.

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