CFO Sink Goes “Office Space” on Office Supplies

CFO Depot wants to save the state big money on office supplies

Either Alex Sink really wants to grab headlines to become the first female governor or Florida's finances are in really bad shape.

The states chief financial officer has instituted what she calls the "CFO Depot," which goes hand in hand with her proposed policy that would stop state agencies from purchasing more office supplies through July.

CFO Depot Opens

So how is a secretary supposed to cope when she runs out of pens? Trade some of her printing paper to another department that might need some.

Need a paper clip? Offer a Post It note. We imagine a yellow highlighter would fetch a pretty penny - or at the very least a stapler or mouse pad.

The idea is to save money by using the resources already available. Sink's office has created a website which lists what employees have supplies available and what they might be willing to trade them for.

Sink's Office has 537 pounds of paper clips, 37,601 binder clips and 17,425 pens to trade, if anyone is interested, according to the Miami Herald.

It sounds a lot like the trading system in the video game "Oregon Trail" except no one dies of typhoid fever, theoretically.

Sink believes the office supply swap could save the state $14 million a year in expenses if other departments latch on to the idea.

"This reminds me of when me and my sister would look under the seat cushions to see what money had fallen out in the sofas," Sink said. "If everybody else cut the 30 percent that we cut...think about how many school teachers that is."

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