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City Council Votes for Independent Investigation Into Mayor Pizzi's Car Crash

Miami Lakes mayor Michael Pizzi is under investigation again. Wednesday night, during a special meeting called by the city council, it was voted to have an independent investigation into Pizzi's recent car crash.

City leaders voted to have the Florida Department of Law Enforcement take a deeper look into the investigation and to ultimately decide if it was handled correctly, and whether the mayor should face consequences.

Applause echoed in City Hall as Miami Lakes mayor Michael Pizzi recused himself from the meeting about his recent car crash.

The noise reflected the crowd in the room's desire for an independent investigation into the night his car hit a tree and he left the scene of the crash.

"The result of the investigation is still in question, there are too many questions for the citizens and we want answers," said resident Mirtha Mendez.

Pizzi says the day of the accident, June 15, was a particularly long day at work. He told police he was exhausted and on his way home when something ran out in front of his car causing him to swerve.

Pizzi was heard in a policed recording explaining to detectives when happened.

"There's a lot of stray dogs and cats here, something cut in front of me, I don't know what it was, I hit a tree and hit my head. I went to my friend's house to get a tow truck and came back to get my car."

Miami-Dade police closed the case and Pizzi was not cited. Many residents of Miami Lakes are split over whether that was the right thing to do.

"We have a mayor who feels comfortable running away and then coming back and not getting any consequences, it makes you wonder. I think it should be investigated," said Paula Mark Hagen.

"This is a minor accident involving a resident, it doesn't need a special investigation, the question is this, would we be having this conversation if it wasn't Michael Pizzi," questioned Christopher Norwood.

The city council decided unanimously to have the FDLE investigate.

Pizzi insists he did nothing wrong and he has nothing to hide.

"They're not going to silence me, they're not going to get me to run away, they're wasting tax money on a political vendetta. Tonight's meeting is a disgrace," Pizzi said.

This is the second time in less than a year Pizzi is at the center of a major investigation.

He was acquitted of bribery and extortion charges last summer and was reinstated as mayor in April.

Many residents said they were frustrated to hear there is now yet another investigation.

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