New Movie Questions Crist's Gay Factor

A new documentary on politicians in the closet shines the spotlight on Gov. Crist's sexuality

Gov. Charlie Crist got married in July and the rising GOP pol pushed a bill to ban gay marriage in the state.

All a ruse, says a documentary being featured at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York this week.

"Outrage" is mostly about D.C. politicians who director Kirby Dick believes are really closet gays hiding to move up the political ladder. Such closet pols are dangerous because they vote anti-gay to conceal their alternative lifestyle, he said.

The movie, which was profiled in Variety, gives Crist some special and probably unwanted attention.

Granted, Crist's impeccable fashion sense for a man and his soft physical features have made him a ripe candidate for rumors that he is as gay as the flamboyant celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, but no tangible evidence has ever been produced.

Crist has had his manly moments.

He's hurled the ceremonial first pitch for the Tampa Bay Rays three straight years and made it all the way to home plate each time. He's even tossed around the pigskin at high school and college football practices, all be it in designer suits.

According to Variety, Dick's documentary contains anonymous interviews with several people who claim to know a man who has had sex with Crist. The most interesting interview might be with Crist's ex-girlfriend, Kelly Crosby Heyniger, who only had this to say:

"I think I should just keep my mouth shut. Call me in ten years and I will tell you a great story."

Tell us that doesn't scream, "I know something" or "I'm setting this up so I can write a tell-all book."

As for Crist, we don't think he'll be going to the screening of Outrage. We hear he has a manicure appointment.

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