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Coconut Creek Man Arrested After Police Find Marijuana, THC Laced Candy Inside Home

A Coconut Creek man is behind bars after police received a tip he a large amount of marijuana in his home – as well as candy laced with THC.

Michael Marks was arrested Wednesday and charged with several counts, including possession of marijuana and intent to sell.

Police received a tip on Tuesday that Marks was selling “large bulk quantities” of the drug from his home on Carambola Circle. A search warrant turned up over 11 points of marijuana, over five pounds of THC and close to $61,000 in cash.

The THC was found in both oil cartridges to be used for smoking in a vaporizer as well as laced in candy lollipops and gummies. Last year, a student at one school in the city had to be hospitalized after taking eating candy laced with the drug.

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