Man Lit Tenant on Fire Over Late Rent: Cops

A Boynton Beach man poured rubbing alcohol on his tenant's boxers and lit them on fire, police said

When renting from Jonathan Steinberg, it might be best to get clarification on the late penalty for rent.

The Boynton Beach landlord was arrested Monday after he allegedly lit one of his tenants on fire because the man was tardy with the payment, Boynton Police said.

Steinberg was charged with aggravated battery for the heated encounter, which ended with him in handcuffs and Ronald Rohde's boxers being charred.

On Tuesday, a judge ordered 52-year-old Steinberg held on $30,000 bond. It wasn't immediately known if he had an attorney.

Rohde was renting a room in Steinberg's house, but didn't pay June's rent, according to an arrest report. The two got into an argument over it and Steinberg eventually got his hands on some rubbing alcohol and tossed it on Rohde's boxers, the report stated.

Steinberg then sparked a lighter and tossed it on Rohde's lap, igniting the doused underwear, police said.

Rohde was able to slip out of the boxers, only suffering a few minor burns. A third roommate was a witness to the incident, police said.

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