Labor of Love: Couple Married At Hospital After Baby's Birth

Two days before Michael and Jackie Fernandez were set to walk down the aisle, their daughter Skylar was born at Memorial Hospital Miramar.

But that didn’t mean their wedding celebrations had to be postponed.

Thanks to the nurses and medical staff at the hospital, the couple had a mini wedding celebration right there at the pregnancy ward

“We didn’t think it would be a whole hallway ceremony,” Jackie said. ”We were just like, ‘oh we’ll just have family come into the room, say ‘I do’ and that’s it. But they went all out.’”

The nurses found a notary, decorated the hallway and ordered a cake so the couple could say their vows. 

Both Michael and Jackie were grateful for the labor of love. 

“We have a memory there for a lifetime,” said Michael. “Our daughter was born there and on top of that, we got married there.”

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