Couples Find Low-Key Valentine's Day Romance at Key Biscayne Drive-In

At the Blue Starlite drive-in in Key Biscayne, a concession stand, a few blankets and some good wine are all folks needed for romance to spark. A low-key dinner and a movie – as a love story plays on the big screen.

"Stars, drive-in theater, beautiful wife," George Seijas said, as he held a glass of wine. What more do you need, right?

Valentine’s Day is a day associated with splurging. Boxes of chocolate, jewelry, roses and dinner all add up – but do they equal romance?

"Sometimes women expect, they want to be dined and wined and the whole shebang,” Seijas said.

The expectations for Valentine's Day may be higher than you think. According to a Chase Blueprint survey, men believed their sweetheart would spend $230 on them for the holiday, while women expected $196 to be spent on them.

But what we really spend is significantly lower. Men fork over about $100, and women $71, according to that study.

"I think it's definitely a lot of pressure and it's silly," Michelle Florio said.

Florio and her sweetheart Kenny Tyson opted to do something memorable on this day of love – a date inside their car. Tyson shelled out some dough for the "ultimate valentine's package."

"Popcorn his and hers, two candies of our choice, two roses," Tyson said.

You may want to hold off on the gifts for your guy though. Two-thirds of men say they don't need any presents on the holiday – they'd rather have sex. And 30 percent of women agree, according to a survey.

"Sex over a gift any day," Florio said.

"100 percent! Times 10. Times 10. I agree," Tyson said.

On a cool night, wrapped in warm blankets, couples at the drive-in seemed to agree that it's not what you spend on V-Day, it's who's by your side.

"We could have gone for a 500 dollars dinner, or we could have gone with chocolate and wine that we brought. And I think this is better," Mary Lou Seijas said.

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