Crist Pitch to Cubs: You Can Have Whatever You Like

Gov. Charlie Crist wants the Chicago Cubs to come to Florida for spring training

We all know how forgetful (or clueless) Gov. Charlie Crist can be but someone in his inner circle should remind him that there are already a couple of struggling pro baseball franchises in the state.

That's not stopping Crist from pulling out all the stops to woo the Chicago Cubs to Florida for spring training. You'd think Crist was auditioning for the team to relocate permanently and bring Wrigley Field with them with some of the potential offers reportedly out there.

Crist reportedly met with Cub officials Tuesday and told them he was willing to go "as far as possible" to get the team to move it's spring training to Naples, according to Naked Politics. The team currently hangs its spring bats in Arizona, but they have an opt-out clause this year.

A Naples group has already pledged a $100 million new stadium/practice facility package if the Cubs come and that would likely be bolstered by help from Crist and state tax dollars and incentives.

Crist thinks the Cubs coming will create jobs and be an economic boost for the area.

The Florida Marlins had to pull teeth to get a new stadium built and they haven't even got a Happy Holidays card from Crist, let alone financial support. And at least they have won a World Series in the past century.

But Arizona is not giving the woeful Cubs up without a political fight.

Sen. John McCain, one of Crist's close friends, also plans to help put together an enticing package to keep the team on the west coast.

Crist had better watch out or McCain will pull his support for the gov's U.S. Senate bid. Or worse yet, McCain might persuade former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin to pledge her support. That might kill Crist's chances for sure.

Never has there been such a bidding war for a cursed franchise.

For Crist's sake, he had better hope the Cubs have gotten over that whole Bartman thing and the Marlins second world title in 2003.

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