Cutié's Lady: I Didn't Set Him Up, I Love Him

Priest scandal woman no part of paparazzi plot, she says

Ruhama Canellis may have seduced a Catholic priest to drop his celibacy vows but she certainly didn't dupe the randy reverend into getting snapped by the paparazzi.

So says Canellis, the 35-year-old divorced mother in the middle of the Padre Alberto scandal, who released a statement last night to profess her love for Cutié and quash rumors that she worked with photogs to set him up.

"I categorically deny that I have ever been a paparazzi, nor have I ever collaborated with them," her statement read, according to CBS. "Some in the media have suggested that I had some sort of participation in all of this. This is completely false."

The allegations were made on Univision's talk show "Cristina," where host Cristina Saralegui suggested Canellis may have had a hand in getting Cutié busted.

"Yes, I think that she had something to do with them because there is a photograph of her posing with paparazzi that originally did the story," Saralegui said.

Canellis said that while she had been photographed with the paparazzi, it was all just coincidence.

"I've been told of pictures of me talking to a person I met years ago, when I was a photographer. I had no knowledge that with the passing of time he became a paparazzi," Canellis' statement read.

The steamy pics of Canellis and Cutié frollicking on the beach ultimately lead to his ouster from his Miami Beach parish.

Cutié professed his love for Canellis last week on CBS' Early Show, and last night Canellis reciprocated her feelings for the passionate padre.

"I say to all that I would never been capable of hurting the person I love. I ask the media that they not spread lies and that they continue respecting my privacy and the privacy of my son," she said.

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