Dad Delivers Baby at Home in Hialeah

With his wife giving birth early, Ronald Rey called 911 and the dispatcher read him instructions for pregnancy emergencies

Call him “Dr. Dad.”

Ronald Rey, a father from Hialeah, had to pull double duty when his baby refused to wait.

“I panicked, I wasn’t expecting it,” said Ivis Rey, who was a month away from her due date when her water broke on Friday morning.

She called her husband and he immediately rushed home, planning to rush her to the hospital. Their baby boy had other plans, however.

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So Ronald Rey called 911 and the dispatcher calmly read him the instructions on his computer for pregnancy emergencies.

“Have her take slow deep breaths in between each contraction,” the dispatcher can be heard saying on a recording of the call.

“Slow deep breaths baby, slow deep breaths,” the husband said, relaying the message.

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He started screaming once he saw the baby’s head start to pop out.

“I was yelling, what do I do?” he recalled.

“I couldn’t hear (the dispatcher) because my wife was screaming, but she kept pushing and he was moving out more,” Rey said.

Just as he pulled his baby into his arms, paramedics arrived on the scene. At 5 pounds, 15 ounces Jacob was born premature, but healthy. The entire process took 17 minutes.

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"It’s a beautiful thing,” Ronald Rey said. “I wanted something special, but I didn’t think it would be this special.”

“I’m grateful to God,” said Ivis Rey. “Everything turned out perfect.”

Mom and baby Jacob are currently at Palmetto General Hospital and are doing just fine.

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