Super Bowl LIV

Dan Marino Surprises Passengers With Meet-and-Greet at MIA

The Hall of Fame Quarterback greeted fans on board American Airlines flights arriving in Miami for Super Bowl week.

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Football legend Dan Marino offered a warm welcome as travelers touched down at Miami International Airport on Wednesday.

Fans scored a meet-and-greet with the former Dolphins quarterback while cheerleaders rooted as passengers walked out the gate.

“It was just exciting to hear his voice. We recognized his voice after all that time," said Kansas City fans Linette and Rich Hinckley.

The NFL Hall of Famer spoke over the American Airlines flight PA system while fans got autographs and photos of the famous athlete.

“He’s a legend and I know it’s a big time for Miami and everything is going on downtown and stuff like that,” said football fan Robert Martin.

According to the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, over 150,000 visitors are expected to pour into Miami for the big game. Many travelers are arriving by air, so American Airlines has expanded its service for Super Bowl week with 40 special fan flights to and from Kansas City, San Francisco and San Jose.

As Marino helped staff pull some luggage off the conveyor belt, he told us what it means to have the Super Bowl in South Florida.

"It’s great for our community. It’s our 11th Super Bowl. We have great weather. From Palm Beach to South Beach we’re gonna have parties and concerts and all that," said Marino. "And I think we all know that there is an economic impact on our community and also it’s just fun to have the Super Bowl here in South Miami.”

He also gave us his prediction for this Sunday.

“I’m pushing for a good game. I want a good game. I think Kansas City is gonna win, but I want a good game," said Marino.

Other athletes such as Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice are doing similar fan meet ups at the airport this week.

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