Day-Tripper Tased at SeaWorld

Miami man on acid hit with stun gun repeatedly

A Miami man dropped acid and tried to enter Orlando's SeaWorld without a ticket and ended up paying the price when cops repeatedly shot him with a taser.

Nicholas Casanova, 23, was shirtless, sweaty and out of control on LSD Tuesday when stopped by police at the Orlando tourist attraction for entering without paying twice, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Shouting "Never, never" and holding a recycling bin cover as a shield, Casanova started a scuffle with police and park security guards, who tried to restrain him by sitting on his legs and handcuffing him.

When Casanova broke loose of the cuffs, Deputy Christopher Barrette began to shoot him with the stun gun.

As Barrette repeatedly tasered him, Casanova simply said "never" a couple times. Casanova then apparently decideded he'd had enough and said "OK, OK," according to the police report.

Casanova wasn't finished yet, though. He made another run for it, this time trying to hop a fence into a nearby water attraction.

Police were then forced to use a rope to restrain the hopped up park hopper.

When Casanova was finally subdued, he was taken to a local hospital where LSD was found in his bloodstream. He was later taken to the Orange County Jail.

Casanova was hit with a slew of charges for his drug-fueled escapade, including assault and battery on a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer with violence.

Deputy Barrette suffered minor cuts. Shamu and the rest of his marine mammal friends were not hurt.

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