Fort Lauderdale

DEA Agents Started Fort Lauderdale Confrontation: Lawyer

The attorney for one of the men accused in an attack on DEA agents in Fort Lauderdale claims the agents instigated the confrontation and called his client the N word.

Steven Jenrette, 22, and Gregory Bradley, 29 were arrested in the March 5 incident at Bokampers at 3115 Northeast 32nd Avenue, according to a arrest affidavit.

Jenrette, who faces two counts of aggravated battery, had his bond reduced to $20,000 at Thursday's hearing, where attorney Edward Hoeg painted a much different story than the attack prosecutors allege.

"The DEA agents were drunk, it's obvious that they were drunk, that they fell down inside the bar, that Mr. Jenrette, Mr. Bradley laughed at the drunken DEA agents," Hoeg said. "They then called the two black cooks [the N word] and then an argument ensued."

Police said Jenrette and Bradley attacking the DEA agents and hit one in the head with a concrete brick.

"The two black men then left the restaurant trying to get away from the DEA. The DEA followed them outside. It's all clearly on video," Hoeg said.

Court documents obtained by NBC 6 describe the DEA agents as the victims but Hoeg said the agents were actually the aggressors and his client Jenrette is the victim.

"The DEA then advanced outside, had a conversation with the guys, were aggressive with beer bottles in their hands," Hoeg said. "The two black cooks then left and ran away and the DEA agents then pursued them."

Hoeg said a video of the incident will prove the point.

"I have a witness who provided the videos and watched the videos and says what the police wrote is not true and that what he saw on the news as being reported by police is not true," Hoeg said.

Prosecutors said they also have video and it only proves their case.

"It does show a very different picture. If the manger for Bokampers does have additional video with the actual crime being committed then I would encourage them to turn it over," one of the prosecutors said.

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