DJ's Lost Cell Phone Becomes Extortion Nightmare

A person who stole DJ Laz cell phone threatens to expose its contents if he isn't paid $5,000

DJ Laz should look into getting better security for his cell phone. You know, there's an app for that.

D.J. Laz's Phone

The local music icon had his phone stolen by an unknown person last weekend and now may have to pay the ultimate price to get it back. The perp wasn't shy about letting Laz know he had his phone and even posted it on Craigslist as a must-have item for $2,000.

Laz, being the pimp that he is, refused to pay the $2,000 to get the phone back and took to the airwaves Wednesday to blast the person who snatched up his link to the celebrity world. But like a pro, the extortioner posted a Youtube clip as a kind of proof of life, which shows the phone and has a personal message for Laz.

"I'm sure Hulk Hogan ain't going to like having all these strangers calling him at home," the guy says, and then starts naming off celebs in the phone. "You don't come up with my five stacks, homey, I'm going to start selling these numbers. Act right."

Of course, the teasing didn't go over well with Laz, who vowed to get that SOB who jacked his phone. And of course, he took to the Twitter-verse.

"Getting ready to find out who the asshole with my phone is," wrote Twitter screen name "therealdjlaz." around noon. "Ha Ha! told you not to f--- with me!"

While we expect the phone would be a hot commodity because of some of the personal celebrity phone numbers it contains, one has to wonder what else is on the device. Video of what really goes on in the VIP? Text messages with Stephen Ross about joining the Dolphins? Intrigue has definitely set in.

We'll keep you posted on if the police or any of Laz's street soldiers get to the suspect or if Hulk Hogan puts someone in a choke hold for calling.

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