Dog Recovering After Found in Miami With Jaw Tied Shut

A Chihuahua was rescued by a local animal shelter after it was found starving with its mouth tied shut.

Anita has gone through a lot of abuse but she was recovering and being cared for by the folks at Miami-Dade Animal Services. 

She was found wandering the streets of Miami and was brought to animal services with her jaw tied shut, very emaciated and thin. She's healing from a broken jaw.

Animal Aid, a no-kill shelter, embraced Anita with loving arms. They are slowly nursing her back to health.

"There's no telling what happened. There's cruel people out there. They really are and, you know, who knows, maybe she needed medical treatment. Maybe she barked a little too much. We'll never know," said Kasha Palmer with Animal Aid.

The shelter sees a lot of animals in desperate situations, but it's rewarding to give the furry friends a second chance on life.

"Anita hopefully will recover fast and speedily so, you know, we can introduce her to her new loving home," Palmer said.

Vets said Anita will continue to undergo treatments at the shelter until she returns to being a healthy and happy dog.

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