Dolphins Select Laremy Tunsil in First Round

Miami selected Laremy Tunsil with their first round pick in the NFL draft on Thursday

The Miami Dolphins selected offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil with their first round pick in the NFL draft on Thursday.

Miami selected Tunsil with the 13th overall pick after days of speculation that the team may move up. The Dolphins opted to stay in their slot and go with Tunsil. After seeing other teams move up at a high cost, Miami may have felt it wasn't worth the price to change slots.

Tunsil who attended Ole Miss was a projected first overall pick by some, but off the field issues made Tunsil drop. Minutes before the draft began, a tweet appeared on Tunsil's twitter account showing a man wearing a gas mask and smoking. The tweet and account were subsequently deleted. Tunsil's agent has stated that the OT's account was hacked.

There is no question that Tunsil is a very talented player who can be a difference maker for any team. The teams ahead of Miami chose to not take the risk of drafting Tunsil, but Miami evidently felt the potential reward outweighed the risk.

The Dolphins entered the draft with multiple needs including running back, linebacker and cornerback. Up until its choice was announced, it was possible that Miami could go in any of those directions with the pick. Those needs could be filled later in the draft.

If the Dolphins can't find suitable pieces with their other picks, they could opt to go with what they have. While Miami has been very active in its hunt for a RB, the team has been complimentary of Jay Ajayi in recent days. Ajayi could end up playing a bigger role than many anticipated.

Miami's other picks barring trades are 42nd, 73rd, 107th, 147th, 186th, 227th and 231rd overall.

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