Email Threat Charges Added for Florida Keys Man Who Resisted Arrest With EpiPen

Cole Peacock, 21, is being held without bond for sending email threats to an officer working on his case.

A man who stabbed himself in the neck with an EpiPen to avoid arrest in the Florida Keys has now been charged with making email threats to Monroe County officials.

Cole Peacock, 21, was charged with making email threats to blow up Sheriff's Office substations and threats to kill or injure a detective, said a post on the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Peacock was arrested Thursday after deputies say he falsely obtained a credit card from Citibank under the fake business name Lockheed Martin IT. He charged $18,801.67 on the card and then wrote three false checks to the bank.

When deputies arrived to arrest Peacock, he pulled out a plastic tube with a needle from his pocket. He pointed the needle at deputies as if to stab them and then stabbed himself in the neck. Authorities did not originally know it was an EpiPen.

Officials said the emails, which appeared to be from other members of the Sheriff's Office, came in just before 6 p.m. Wednesday to Detective Sgt. David Carey, the investigator working on his case, according to the post.

Out of the 78 emails, officials said four of them said "DEATH DEATH DOOM DOOM YOU HAVE A BOMB AT ONE OF YOU SUBSTATIONS BETTER FIND IT SOON," and ten of them said “death death you will die.”

Deputies suspected the emails were from Peacock, who has been charged with computer related crimes in the past, the post said. In a February investigation of Peacock, detectives say he showed them how he could create fake sender addresses for email messages.

Peacock's computer was seized and his father was questioned. Further investigation revealed the IP address that created the emails belonged to a modem in Peacock's room, officials said.

No bombs were found after thorough searches at each Sheriff's Office building, authorities said.

Peacock, who was already in jail on charges of fraud, grand theft, resisting arrest and assault, was further charged with making false reports of planting a bomb, explosive or weapon of mass destruction against state owned property and making written threats to kill or do bodily injury.

He is being held without bond, jail records show. It was not immediately known if he had an attorney.

The FBI is investigating the case and may bring federal charges against Peacock in the future, officials said.

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