10-Foot, 400-Pound Endangered Crocodile Undergoes Surgery at Zoo Miami

A 396-pound endangered crocodile underwent surgery at Zoo Miami Friday after suffering a critical injury.

The 13-year-old male Orinoco crocodile from South America underwent a procedure to treat an infected wound likely caused by a bite from another crocodile, according to Zoo Communications Director Ron Magill.

The nearly 10-foot-long crocodile sustained an injury to its wrist that needed medical attention, but in order to so, the massive reptile had to be immobilized and transported to the zoo hospital where it was attended to by veterinarians and zoo staff.

The affected area was successfully treated surgically by removing the infection and medicating the wound. The crocodile will remain in the zoo hospital for the next several days before being returned to its exhibit at the Amazon and Beyond area of the zoo.

Orinoco crocodiles are a critically endangered species that is found in isolated pockets of the fresh water tributaries of the Orinoco River in Colombia and Venezuela.

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