Event Organized to Promote Academics, Brighter Future For Young African American Men in Miami-Dade

Miles Morrison is a freshman at Miami Sunset Senior High. This young man, at the age of 14, has some serious aspirations in life - he wants to become a cyber security artist.

“(I like) helping people who are victims of hacking or fraud to see how they got hacked and to prevent it,” Morrison said.

Miles also aspires to better himself as a young man. That’s why Miles, along with other young black men, are taking part in ‘Black Boys Day’ in South Florida.

“I think this platform not only gives us the opportunity to ensure greatness, but to also give us an opportunity to be more intimate with the situation, with the level of exposure that’s needed,” said the event’s organizer, Lance Williams.

The event is sponsored by P.O.I.S.E., which stands for Positive Outlook of Intellects Seeking Excellence. This program is focused on helping these young men with academics, socialization, vocation, health, financial, literacy, and mentor ship.

Several speakers were on hand to inspire and shape the minds of the youth.

“It’s very important to me, as am I dad, because he wants me to learn and get better than him when I get older,” said Alfred Williams Sr., who brought his son along for the day. “He’s at a young age, but it’s still an eye opener where he can actually see it, and learn from it.”

Learning to be better men - for some, this is an opportunity to be the first in their family to make a positive change in their life.

“If we know what we’re doing, we could change the cycle of history that’s plague the black man for so many decades,” said Morrison.

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