Family Wants Answers After Brutal Beating Left Hollywood Man in Coma

Frank Penkava is currently in a medically induced coma at Memorial Regional Hospital

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A brutal beating left a Hollywood man with injuries so severe he was unrecognizable by his own family.

Frank Penkava is currently in a medically induced coma at Memorial Regional Hospital with multiple fractures all over his face. His family is wondering if he'll ever be the same.

“It’s horrible. No mother ever wants to see their kid ever ever beaten up like that. I’ve never seen anybody beat up like that," said his mother, Joan Penkava.

The brutal beating happened early in the morning of June 14. Crime scene investigators showed up Tuesday at his apartment on Johnson Street near North 26th Avenue.

His sister believes he went to tell a neighbor to turn down their music, but something went very wrong.

"There is no reason for what they did to him. I understand that people get into altercations all the time and people’s emotions are high, especially over the last year, but there was nothing to warrant what they did to him," Gina Horvath said.

Horvath said she was only able to recognize her brother at the hospital because of his tattoos. Doctors have tried to do surgery about five times but his family says they haven’t been able to get him stable enough.

Penkava has a three-year-old son. His family is now worried about his health and is afraid he could lose an eye.

“I just want him back and I want him to be okay," his mother said.

Penkava’s family says he has had struggles with his mental health in the past, but he was a calm man and nothing—not even self-defense —could have warranted such an intense beating.

“He went to work, did his job and paid his bills. He didn’t bother anybody. So for anybody to do what they have done to him, I am seeking justice and I will not stop until I have justice for my brother," Horvath said.

His sister says someone called 911 but they don’t know who and have had trouble getting answers from police.

NBC 6 reached out to Hollywood Police about this case and have not heard back. If you know something about this beating, call Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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