Father Alberto Rushing to be a Step Daddy

Sources say the Catholic-turned-Episcopalian will wed in two weeks

Alberto Cutié has had trouble keeping vows in the past, but he appears to be in the rush to take one more - wedding vows.

Cutié's eagerness to get married will be satisfied in the next two weeks, sources close to the priest have told Miami media outlets.

Cutié, who made the switch from Catholic virgin stud to Episcopalian fiance last month, has hired off-duty police officers to work security at what is sure to be a hot ticket for the paparazzi, local celebs and the religious community.

Cutié is wedding Ruhama Buni Canellis, the woman who appears in photos with Cutié in some pretty compromising positions. One could call them ungodly - or at the very least un-priestly. Cutié's relationship with Canellis forced him to question the priestly vow of celibacy he took, and has since sparked a call for reform by some members of the Catholic church.

Canellis has a son.

It's unclear if parishioners at Cutié's former place of worship, Trinity Cathedral, have received invitations to the affair but we're hoping a religious war doesn't break out outside the wedding.

The Miami Herald reported that the Rt. Rev. Leo Frade, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida, will officiate at the wedding ceremony.

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