Father Makes Push For Standing Desk in Classrooms

One father is hoping schools will take a different approach to the typical classroom assigned-seating – using standing desk normally seen in workplaces in a school setting to help kids stay healthy.

After his five year old son broke his leg from a ski accident, Derek Lopez did some research and got an idea.

“I looked into the whole situation deeper and I really realize that even thought he was sitting in a wheelchair all day for months, his activity levels were really not any different than the rest of students in the class except for recess time,” Lopez said.

That's when the father of three realized all students need options and created stand up our kids

“Most kids are sitting down for five to ten hours per day,” Lopez said. “We're having a problem with over diagnosis of ADD or ADHD, childhood obesity is actually growing across the country and just in general giving the kids the opportunity a chance to think for themselves.”

Two classrooms in Broward have desks fundraised and built by Derek, including Nova High and Oakland Park Elementary.

“It was a real eye opener to see certain kids that I had them on their knees or the desk or standing up and leaning over,” said Ricky Walker, a teacher at Oakland Park Elementary. “This is just a comfort level and to put them at ease knowing that ‘hey, that's my option.’”

The third grade teacher says his entire classroom is built on a flexible approach to assigned seating - because in his class you don't have to sit if you don’t want to.

Lopez is working on his social media campaign to continue raising awareness and funds. Even schools in his current hometown of Denver have added the standing desks

“My main goal is to give every kid in this country the opportunity to stand up in class,” Lopez said.

If you'd like you donate to the Stand Up Our Kids' Gofundme, click here.

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