Fired Sex Text Pol in Fight for Dough

Axed Homestead city manager wants lucrative compensation package

Sex Websites, romantic text messages and nepotism are the weapons being used in a nasty political battle in Homestead after city manager Mike Shehadeh was fired for misconduct earlier this month.

At a city council meeting yesterday, a Homestead consultant revealed what he'd found, including the steamy texts between Shehadeh and former Deputy City Manager Johanna Faddis, which helped prompt a rejection of a reported $265,000 severance package that the disgraced pol was seeking.

Investigator Pat Franklin said the texts fell into one of three categories of misconduct.

"Number one, Mr. Shehadeh's romantic feelings for former Deputy City Manager Johanna Faddis. The second, Mr. Shehadeh's involvement or participation in political activity. And third, additional evidence of Mr. Shehadeh's use of his city e-mail address to provide potential business opportunities to his brother, Noor Shehadeh," Franklin said.

Shehadeh's sweet nothings included this:

" I can never imagine that I will ever love anyone like I love you. I was looking at you when you left and felt so much nostalgia. Te quaro mucho mi corazon." (mispelled Spanish meaning "I love you very much, my love.")

And then there's this frantic text from Sept. 9 of last year:

"I have a problem!! I can not entertain another woman in my mind beside you. I'm deeply in love with you girl. I'm getting deeper and deeper into it!"

Franklin's investigation also revealed records that show Shehadeh used city computers to visit a dominatrix Website five times, as well as over 300 visits to various singles dating sites. He's also accused of doing political activity for a non-political hired position by providing potential business opportunities to his brother, Noor Shehadeh.

Shehadeh was fired on Feb. 3 for "conduct unbecoming a public official." Though the city offered a $100,000 compensation package, Shehadeh countered with a $265,000 request. City council members now feel the $100,000 figure was too high.

Another meeting on Shehadeh's termination is scheduled for Feb. 17.

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