Firm Offers the Follicle Stimulus Package

Get cash for your old hairpiece in the local hair version of Cash For Clunkers

Many South Florida men find themselves in a hairy situation. You’ve seen them.

They strut down the street in clunkers that your dog wouldn’t be caught dead in. Old hairpieces afflict so many in our community.

Well Adrian’s Hair Center has the stimulus package for you. The center is offering $250 for men and women who want to exchange their tired, old, ratty hairpiece for a newer model. That goes for weaves and wigs, too.

"There are lots of people wearing clunkers on their head and because of the economy cannot afford to switch to a newer model," said Leo Benjamin, Jr., president of the Fort Lauderdale company. "Now they can do something about it and feel great about themselves."

OK, so Benjamin decided to rip off President Obama’s federal “Cash for Clunkers” idea, but we’ve seen what it has done for cars. Benjamin just wants South Beach to look a little better. The $250 goes toward outfitting the buyer in the latest technology in hair replacement. We're not sure if it's fuel efficient or if you have to charge it up, but anything is better than a balding hairpiece, right?

Gone are the head rugs and the Rogaine. Now is the time for hair that actually looks like it was grown on your head, Benjamin said.

“We need to get these old clunkers off people’s heads and in the garbage,” he said.

The promotion began Friday and already the center has a basket-full of old hairpieces. If the idea works like it did for Obama, we expect droves of Hair Club For Men members will be flooding Adrian’s in no time.

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