Broward County

FLL Seeks Return to Normal While Passengers Attempt to Reclaim Luggage, Personal Items

Days after a deadly shooting shook the worlds of employees and passengers alike, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is resuming its daily routine.

Passengers are once again checking into flights at Terminal Two, where just below it at the baggage claim area a gun man went on a shooting rampage - killing five and injuring six.

The frenzy that followed the shooting resulted in more than 23,000 items left behind.

"Because I left all my items in the terminal I didn't have any ID, so I came here early to get IDs at the airport so I got my license so I can check in and travel," passenger Dana Bram told NBC 6 on Monday.

Since Friday, Broward County has stepped in to help passengers – as well as getting help from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

"With them releasing the luggage, we feel that we will be busy," said DHSMV official Deborah Doboson. "So we are getting all of our staff here in order to help."

Some mobile units were set up outside of where Friday’s shooting took place to issue temporary credentials for travelers

"We’ve heard a total of 20,000-25,000 pieces of luggage," said Doboson. "Some are tagged, some people just dropped their luggage and ran."

Officials said they also recovered about 500 cell phones that they're trying to get back to their owners.

Broward County says if your luggage was left and tagged, the airline or airport will contact you.

But as for items with no apparent owner, the county is working with the airport to set up a website in order to reclaim personal belongings lost - as the community works to move on from this tragedy, the airport remains at high alert.

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