Florida Driver Named Harley-Davidson Arrested for DUI: Authorities

Heather Harley-Davidson swore profusely after her arrest, a St. Johns County Sheriff's Office deputy said

A St. Augustine woman named Heather Harley-Davidson was arrested for driving under the influence – but she wasn’t driving a motorcycle, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office said.

Heather Harley-Davidson, 49, was at the wheel of a 2001 Silver Lincoln Continental that was swerving from side to side on the 5500 block of A1A late last Wednesday night, according to an offense report from the sheriff’s office.

A deputy said that he saw the car leave the road three times. The vehicle was still swerving when he pulled it over, and after she got out of the car Harley-Davidson appeared to have a hard time standing and was serving back and forth too, he said.

The deputy smelled a strong alcoholic odor on the woman’s breath, her speech was slurred and she couldn’t get her license out of her purse, according to the report.

“While I was observing her fumble to get her license out, she got upset and tossed the whole purse at me through the window,” he wrote.

Harley-Davidson almost fell numerous times while completing paperwork, so the deputy sat her down. When they walked to a parking lot to perform field sobriety exercises, she had to be held up because of her apparent intoxication, and she became angry and told him emphatically that she wasn’t doing any test, he said.

He arrested Harley-Davidson, who swore again as she repeated that she wasn’t doing the test, according to the deputy. He said he gave her three chances to do a breath test, and she became more vocal with her profanities and kicked and screamed in the back of his patrol vehicle.

She cried, and the deputy took her to Flagler Hospital, where “Harley-Davidson went from (being) combative and using abusive language to continual crying and sobbing,” the deputy wrote.

After she was medically cleared, Harley-Davidson was taken to the county jail without incident, he wrote.

She was also cited for failing to maintain a single lane, the report said.

Harley-Davidson was released on $1,000 bond last Thursday, online jail records said. It wasn’t immediately known whether she has an attorney – or a motorcycle.

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