Florida Theme Parks Take Steps to Deal With Coronavirus Concerns

Less than a handful of people in Florida had tested positive for COVID-19 as of Thursday

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Florida's major theme parks are taking steps to deal with coronavirus concerns, employing enhanced cleaning practices and other preventative measures.

In a statement Thursday, Universal Orlando officials said they've been in frequent contact with health officials and their own health experts and are closely monitoring the situation.

"We are communicating with our team members and reinforcing our best-practice health and hygiene procedures. We are also educating them on basic preventive measures," Universal's statement read. "In addition, we are reviewing and enhancing our already aggressive cleaning protocols. And for the comfort and convenience of our guests, we are increasing the number of hand sanitizer units in our parks."

Officials with Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando said they are monitoring the situation and in regular contact with the CDC and other health agencies and will continue to implement preventative measures in line with their recommendations. Disney has also placed additional hand sanitizers throughout their parks and resorts, and are communicating with cast members about illness prevention, officials said.

The Legoland Florida resort said that in addition to enhanced cleaning practices, they've restricted employee travel to high risk countries.

Officials with Busch Gardens in Tampa told the Tampa Bay Times that they "employ rigorous sanitation standards across our parks and will continue to collaborate with health officials, monitor the situation for changes and will act accordingly."

Less than a handful of people in Florida had tested positive for COVID-19 as of Thursday, but the state was awaiting results on 69 people who had been tested, officials said.

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