Florida Voters Suing State Over Presidential Election Results, Asking For Recount

Three voters in Florida have filed a lawsuit claiming that a variety of issues, including hacking and malfunctioning equipment, produced the wrong winner of the state's Presidential electoral votes.

The lawsuit was filed in Leon County on Monday by the three residents, who live in Osceola and Volusia Counties. The suit is asking for a hand recount of the state’s votes – at the expense of President-elect Donald Trump, Governor Rick Scott and the 29 Republican electors.

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in last month’s general election while becoming the first Republican to win the Sunshine State since 2004 while coming up with over 110,000 more votes than his opponent.

The lawyer for the plaintiffs told USA Today that time is not on their side, and the court can ignore the suit before the Electoral College meets December 19th to officially cast the state’s 29 votes for Trump.

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