Floridians Rush to Cash in on Marijuana Business

The vote to legalize medical marijuana in Florida is more than a month away, but local entrepreneurs are already looking to cash in.

More than one month before medical marijuana appears on Florida ballots, the rush to cash in is growing statewide.

"This is path-breaking for Florida, like the start of the liquor industry after prohibition," said Jeffrey Sharkey, founder of the Medical Marijuana Business Association.

In the spring, the association launched to help those interested in starting medical marijuana industries get off the ground.

If the measure passes, Sharkey says to expect the state's medical marijuana marketplace to be heavily regulated; but, there appears to be less regulation when it comes to naming themselves.

Statewide, more than 100 corporations reportedly have names which include the word marijuana.

There's also a rumor that the medical marijuana momentum could soon include Sharkey's famous friend Jimmy Buffet.

"[Buffet] is very interested in what's going on in Florida across the board," Sharkey revealed.

Down in South Florida, lawyers Julian Stroleny and Christopher Pagan teamed up to start CloudNine Consulting.

"Success is going to be determined by focusing on the medicine, focusing on the patient, and doing what's right for these people," Stroleny explained.

Like Sharkey, who's based in Tallahassee, CloudNine is helping local up-and-coming medical marijuana businesses set up.

From applications to incorporation, Pagan said, laying the groundwork early could give their clients a competitive edge, if the medical marijuana measure passes.

"We intend to have all of our clients be open day one, whenever the legislature determines we can sell medical cannabis," Pagan said.

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