Former Ambassador John Bolton Concerned Castros Could Develop Biological Weapons

He spoke to a small crowd at the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance in Miami

The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations came to South Florida Thursday with a warning: beware of the dangerous alliance between the Castro regime, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

John Bolton spoke to about a dozen people at a meeting of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance in Miami.

One of Bolton’s concerns is the possibility of the Castro brothers developing biological weapons.

“We know what the potential is and we know how deadly the program can be,” said Bolton. “That’s why I think close scrutiny by the United States and other who don’t want to see the spread of biological weapons is so important."

During the news conference a Cuban resistance leader known as "Artunez" phoned in from the Communist island. While on a speaker phone he told the story of a horrific attack against a group of ladies with a democracy activist group.

He said at least eight were arrested for peacefully protesting. He added their whereabouts are unknown.

Leaning into the speaker phone, Bolton encouraged "Artunez" to have faith. “I just stress, please have hope because many of the people in this room and many others across America are working for you," he said.

The former ambassador was very critical of the Obama Administration’s policies toward Cuba. He says America must continue to squeeze the Castro regime, maintain the decades-long trade embargo and provide the Cuban people with whatever they need to establish a democratic country.

Bolton spoke briefly of Pope Benedict XVI’s upcoming visit to Cuba.

“I know he is a wise enough person that he won’t let the Castro brothers use the visit to legitimize the regime,” Bolton said. “I think that’s important and I think he understands that as other popes have understood it as well."

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