Former Miami Beach Chief Speaks Out About Racist, Pornographic Emails

The former Miami Beach police chief is is speaking out after hundreds of racist, pornographic and crude emails were sent to more than a dozen officers.

Those emails allegedly permeated the highest ranks.

The current chief Dan Oates blasted retired chief Ray Martinez for the culture that allowed the offensive emails. But only on 6, Martinez is firing back.

"I'm very proud of the men and women of the police department... proud under my tenure," former chief Ray Martinez said.

Retired Miami Beach chief of police Ray Martinez, who has 30-plus years in law enforcement under his belt, says he did nothing wrong when he was chief or assistant chief.

"Well certainly the racial and graphic images are inappropriate under any circumstances," he said.

Martinez is talking about the images that became public Thursday, a picture of "Black Monopoly," where every move is "Go to jail." Another one that says "I am so black, I s**t warrants." Others promote domestic violence and insult immigrants. They were allegedly circulated on company email between 16 officers and at least two brass.

"I know that all the residents of Miami Beach and everyone in this room and everyone in Dade county will be shocked and offended when they see these images, said Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

Current chief Dan Oates, the mayor of Miami Beach, and the state attorney stood united Thursday unveiling the 10-month investigation, exposing racially charged, sexually offensive, and even confidential emails. They blamed the agency's culture on Martinez.

"The behavior of these two leaders particularly in this organization and the tone that was obviously set in this organization at the top, I just can't do enough to say how much we condemn it," Chief Oates said,

But Martinez said when he learned of the emails, dated before he even became chief, he took action and that's when the emails stopped.

"When I was the assistant chief, I remember speaking with the major at the time and advising him to cease and desist those actions," Martinez said. "So I'm proud to say, for the most part, that practice stopped under my watch. And if there's a positive outcome out of any of this, is that we sit down and make sure that in the future, that these type of changes are made across the board."

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