Frustrated Drivers Say They're Being Overcharged by SunPass

Frustrated SunPass customers say they're being overcharged and told they have just weeks to pay up.

Customers have reported receiving hefty bills in recent weeks and are being told they have until March 31 to make the payment.

One customer told WPTV he received a $768 bill in the mail, with charges of up to $16 per toll transaction dating back to June.

"If I total, normally when I’m going to and from work, it should have totaled to $76.50," Richard Herrera said.

Lawmakers last year asked for a federal investigation into a company that manages the SunPass toll system in Florida, accusing the company of mismanagement. State transportation officials in Florida blamed the company, Conduent State & Local Solutions, for an upgrade to the system that resulted in delayed and inaccurate charges.

SunPass suspended posting charges in June for what was supposed to be a week during the upgrade, but charges didn't resume posting until a month later.

Earlier this month, a Florida Department of Transportation official told lawmakers that Conduent's system couldn't handle all the transactions but that most of the SunPass problems have been fixed, the Miami Herald reported.

"The system was completely overwhelmed," said Gerry O'Reilly, secretary for FDOT's District 4, according to the Herald. "There just wasn’t enough horsepower there to process it all."

An attorney told WPTV that drivers should file a dispute and continue to collect documentation to help their case, as well as seek help from a consumer fraud lawyer.

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