Gentlemen, Start Your Beds

After a nine-year hiatus, bed races return to Coconut Grove

Usually, it's not the best idea to be quick in bed. But on Sept. 6, we'll make an exception.

The Great Grove Bed Race, formerly known as the Coconut Grove Bed Race, returns to the streets of the Grove to test contestants' mettle during the eighth of a mile drag race. And wouldn't you know it, Helio Castroneves will be the Grand Marshal and celebrity judge to determine the winner.

The race returns after a nine-year stint in the garage, but the clamor for fun in bed was too strong for city officials to ignore.

The race culminates a weekend full of events for Labor Day, including something called the Pajama Pub Crawl. The "crawl," which is the night before the race, is basically a race to see who can get drunk the fastest. Participants visit nine separate pubs in the Grove and have free beer along the way.

And remember, no drinking and driving -- unless you are driving a bed.

The race is scheduled for 2 p.m. at Commodore Plaza and Grand Avenue, and will benefit the University of Miami Sleep Program and Alonzo Mourning Charities.

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