Georgia Boy Shares Song of Peace Inspired by Jada Page's Death

Jada Page was killed in northwest Miami-Dade by a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting last year, detectives say. Though the investigation into her death remains open, her life has inspired an 11-year-old boy from Georgia to write a song in hopes to end such violence.

Eight-year-old Jada was shot in the back of the head while playing outside of her northwest Miami-Dade home late August 2016. Her father was also shot that day and survived, but she died two days later in the hospital.

Dashawn "D-Fresh" Calhoun lives in the Atlanta area. When the news of Jada's death reached him, he was inspired to write lyrics with a powerful message – one he has performed in schools.

Dashawn's song has also been featured on the radio.

"I'm tired of seeing people dying. It hurts my heart to see people dying especially at a young age," Dashawn poetically says. "Teach each other, supposed to help each other. Most kids don't got no mothers, Blacks trying to kill white. Whites trying to kill black. Blacks trying to kill black. Ain’t no time to fight, based on our life we need to do what right."

Dashawn's mother is proud. She believes her son's message can have a significant impact.

"As adults, we can say it all day, but it's different when it comes from your peers," Deshune' Heard-Watkins said.

Anyone with information on Jada's death is urged to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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